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Roger Williams | Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset

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Building World Class Sales Cultures for Technology Businesses

We work with scaling technology businesses to drive sustainable and consistent growth

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Who Are Sandler?

We work with leadership teams and sales leaders to build world class sales cultures. We provide advisory to business leaders that want to create a scalable system for revenue growth.

We offer consulting, training and advisory services to the commercial leadership of the organisation

Using a combination of Behaviour, Attitude and Technique, we help organisations build high performing sales teams

We help Sales Managers understand the 4 hats of leadership required to lead a team successfully. We help them create a culture of accountability and growth.

Award Winning Training Company

Sandler is one of the leading sales training and leadership

development companies in the world





About Sandler Dorset

Williams Consulting Limited is a licensed training centre and trains companies of all sizes in the Dorset region, helping them reach their full potential, exceed expectations and continue to grow.

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